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Saturday, 4 May 2013

What am i doing??'s been very looong eyh....
Don't know why but out of all day..i feel like writing today...
*act, i'm running from reading my super loong n full of theories text book.. Urghh

I've been in loove with arashi (a japanese boy band) eversince 7 years ago but this year, i kind of like experiencing a BOOM!! I everything bout them..well, you can say, my life now is like having them by my side...they are like my daily drug dosage!


I know, as a muslim, i have to put my GOD, ALLAH n HIS MESSENGER Muhammad pbuh first infront of matter how much i love someone, that love can't be higher than love towards my is the only way of staying in the right is the the only way to keep me from straying.....
I have been thinking you know, i really want to master that i can watch arashi's video without waiting for the sub crazily n unpatiently...then a thought strucked me :
" how bout arabic? Why don't you have the urge of learning it? Don't you want to understand what is been stated in the Qur'an? Don't you want to understnd what you say in your prayers??"
That thought made me feel guilty against my own feeling...
The interest to learn arabic just never appear! Sometimes i feel sick of myself! Putting something else in front of my own religion...well, maybe you don't feel like that but i do and i feel disgusted at that fact!

That's why, like how they are my daily drug dosage... I will make sure i take the daily medicine as well.. -reading The Qur'an- so that i won't forget who i am; a Muslim...

Truthfully saying, i am afraid of the future..not knowing of what awaits death..the is too unknown to all humans that make it too unimaginable and too scary...
I am scared of the future.. Here you can see that i am a person that plan something ahead..i want things to go well by planning if i am clueless about the makes me scared! It is true that :-

'human plans and God is the one that decide which HE is the BEST DECIDER for HE is the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE....'

I have been holding on to this phrase to spark confidence in me.. But when it comes to death and shivers me! Having imaginary images on HELL is too unbearable! What more on experiencing the HELL itself!

That's it i guess for now.... Maybe part 2 is coming up...maybe...because it seriously depend on my laziness...too lazy means no post...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

random bebel-ing~


yaah~ sashiburi da ne~

ano ne, kino, kekka ga riisusare~
yaah... hyaku-ten ni wa dekinai kedo...kekka ga warukunai...hachijuhachi-ten
chotto kanashi desu.. datte jibun no mokuhyo o tassei suru koto ga dekimasendeshita..
kore kara dorama toka ega mite imasen...kana~ mizukashii yo...sore...dorama to ega wa watashi no kofuku no minamoto desu kara...
kore kara motto motto ganbarimasu! hyaku-ten no mokuhyo o tassei shimasu ! jibun no tame ni...mirae no tame ni...kazoku no tame ni...soshte, jinsei no tame ni....


okay..end of japan-romanji talk~ it's just basically about my recent result and bout my motivation....nothing more.. actually, this post is to talk bout the thing that I like..
recently, someone ask me a question.."who are your idol?Give me three answers" one of my answer is ARASHI (3rd place though)
somehow, it shocked me as well..why the heck am i giving out such answer ? a jpop band for my idol? i'm not even a japanese!! first of all, what is actually the meaning of IDOL ? someone that you want to follow ? someone that you want to be in the future ? different person surely have different perception..for me, IDOL is someone that have a big impact in my life...i answered the idols that popped up in my head...the reason iiiisss~~~~

only one simple sentence - they are part of what i am today...
I've been their fan for about 6 years already..from them I learnt about Japan...from them I learnt about friendship...from them I learnt about you can do anything if you work hard..i mean, they're not just singers and actors...they have their on variety show that made them do crazy stuff...
such as...
- go to the mountains..forest...they almost died for doing dangerous thing inside the forest..
- they spend one day being grandchildren to grandparents that they never met...things they make to make the grandparents with cows..plucking strawberries...making tofu...etc..
-people of every range like to grandparents know bout them...and like them..

watching them, something urge me to go to Japan one day..that's why i've been learning japanese all by myself..(self-study) like crazy.. i can speak a little bit..but kanji is still something i really don't get it untill now.. if possible, i want to go to Japan..explore every inch of the country...explore their culture...looking and watching their people... i once thought -> "i have to study hard if i want to go to costs a lot to go study hard..have a good career..get a lot of money and go there"
most of my friends did not understand this...they just thought it's just an obsession..just like how others are obses with kpop..western artist..bieber and others..
      When i am blabbing in japanese-romanji, even one of them stop following me in twitter..because she did not understand what i'm saying and it kind of annoyed her...whenever i'm blabbing in a different language than my mother tougue, that just mean my tension is very high or very low...either i'm very happy..or very sad..or very disappointed..or very annoyed...i can't express it in a language that other understand...but i can't keep it to myself either..i just have to write it down somewhere and only my phone is beside me...truthfully speaking, when i notice that she unfollowed me, it kind of disappoint me..'so, our friendship value is just that little....' that is what i feel...i'm not a person that can get mad face to face..or can cry infront of others.i don't want to hurt the other party's feeling eventhough it hurts me deep down...that's just me..i tried to change it but i can't..i'm a very boring person..i can't easily reply to others in a funny words..i can't easily make joke..watching people joke to each other..laugh with each other..get mad at each back to each other..i can't do that..i'm very jealous of that..get sad while wondering, why in the world i can't do that? my marriage life ...will it be boring because i'm a boring person? it kind of feel like i can fade and disappear from anyone's life so easily....and the next moment i know, my heart is crying..i feel lonely...that's why, only by watching Arashi and praying to ALLAH is the way i release my tension...

hmm...somehow, this already turn to be my diary..aiyaa~~

sore ja, mata ashita~

Wassalam :)

Friday, 6 July 2012


Assalamu'alaikum !~
Having a wonderful day ??? If not -  it's okay~ not wonderful day is needed in our life....
There're a lot of things that I want to share but lacking of remembering skill made it hard for me to share...
For now, these things that I want to share are the ones that I managed to dig up in my memory chest....
Bon Apetite~

### Like every Muslim knows that Iblis promised to ALLAH S.W.T that they will drive humans away for heaven ... pulling them one by one to accompany them in Hell ...It is stated inside the Holy Qur'an in Surah Al-A'raf (chapter 7) verse 11-18

11 - It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels bow down to Adam, and they bowed down; not so Iblis; he refused to be of those who bow down.

12 - (ALLAH) said: "What prevented you from bowing down when I commanded you?" He said: "I am better than he: You did create me from fire, and him from clay."

13 -  (ALLAH) said: "Get you down from this: it is not fro you to be arrogant here: get out, for you are of the meanest (of creatures)."

14 - (Satan) said: "Give me respite till the day they are raised up."

15 - (ALLAH) said: "Be you among those who have respite."

16 - (Satan) said: "Because You have thrown me out of the Way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on your Straight Way

17 - " Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: nor will You find, in most of them, gratitude (for Your mercies)."

18 - (Allah) said: "Get out from this, disgraced and expelled.  If any of them follow you-Hell will I fill with you all.

Some ask, if ALLAH is truly the most gracious and the most merciful, why should ALLAH made Hell in the first place ??
The answer is simple ... >>>>
If right now, a man RAPE you (if you're a woman.) or your mother or your sister, is it fair that the judge let the man go away?  because it's the judge's son and he love his son ? not fair right ??
No matter love or not, judgement must be done ! ALLAH have stated it in the Holy Qur'an..
I pick the one from the Surah Al-Imran (Chapter 3) verse 88-89

88 - In that will they dewll; nor will their penalty be lightened, nor respite be their (lot)-

89 - Except for those that repent (even) after that, and make amends; for verily Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

See ? Allah gives us time to repent before the judgement day arrive...before we're at our deathbed..before our heart is just so hard that we can't..won't..accept any form of guidance to repent...
So, use the time wisely...

Some also ask, why do ALLAH creates evils ?? Something good can't create something bad...
Well, the surely ALLAH knows it better than us but if we think logically, we can come up with a few reasoning that is not straying from the right path. :--

1 > to test us...and why do we need to be tested ?? answer : to find who's a better person
2 > to make the good things obvious ~~ can u know white when there's no black ??
                                                             ~~ can u know light without darkness ??
                                                             ~~ can u know what's good if there's no bad ??
                                                            @@ if it's good, it's not bad .... if it's bad, it's not good ..

Simple right ??                   

Ok..last one...

there's an ayyah in the holy Qur'an > No compulsion in religion .... (Chapter 1, verse 256)

well, this is truly such a controversial verse.... this ....

>> A girl..a muslim girl..named Sofiyya..not covering her aurah..she doesn't wear the hijab....then, another girl, let's named her Khadijah...she's a nice and religious ... she ask Sofiyya to cover her aurah. (well, of course, in a nice and polite manner)..since ALLAH instruct us to do it for our own good... BUT Sofiyya said this "La ikrah ha fid din which means, there's no compulsion in Islam right ?? so, don't force me to do it..let me do it on my own will..sooner or later...." Khadijah just smile and said a few things that made Safiyya speechless... The things that Khadijah said contained the explanation below  -->>          

actually dear sisters and brothers, that verse is meant for non-muslim...means that, ALLAH doesn't want us to force them into ISLAM but guide them so they will be a muslim on their own will BUT as for a muslim itself, it sure is a compulsory to follow the injunctions of avoid HIS follow HIS instruction... Let me give you an example... I'm a student at IIUM, to graduate from the university, there are a few core course that I need to take....such as Accounting 1, Mathematics, Statistic, Economics and Business.... whether I like it or not...I HAVE TO learn all of it...get a passing score to allow me to graduate.... Well, the same goes for ALLAH's injunctions...if you want to get to heaven, do this (HIS instruction)..if you don't want to go to hell, don't do that (HIS prohibitions)... so choose WISELY ...

Monday, 18 June 2012


Today, I started my class~
First class Accounting... and the next is Basic Themes of Al-Qur'an..
The thing I want to share is what happen in the BTQ class ...
Our lecturer is a very young lecturer in his early 20...Brother Firdaus is what we call him...
A graduate from IIUM in Bachelor in Comparative Religion (major) and Islamic Finance (minor)..
and currently taking master in .... ( can't remember ) in IIUM basically, him becoming our lecturer is some sort of practice...

here's the real deal...

What he told us are very encouraging and interesting~
1) enjoy your life as a student ~
     * enjoy studying ...
     * enjoy playing ...
     * enjoy everything that you do ...
BUT!! there's a very thin line between two types of enjoy ...


2) don't waste your time, your age.. your brain neuron on LOVE
He and his collegues did a research on what is the problem faced by students that makes them fail and so on..The result is LOVE!~

BD  : Why did your result drop ?
Boy : My girlfriend just dumped me..

BD  : Why did you fail your last paper ?
Girl  : I just knew that my boyfriend cheated on me ..   

SEE ??

he told us that, very little chance that your partner in university will be your partner in the future - got out of university, you go to'll meet new people..much more pretty..much more so, just close your heart for others...but for now it when you're ready~

He told us kinda lots of story of his experience in handling a few cases .. I will only put two story as it's the only story that is fresh and detailed story in my mind .. ( since it's regarding religion, it have to be precise and detail )

1st CASE 

*BD stands for BROTHER DAUS

A group of people@student met him said that they want to apostate ... they want to become a christian ..
BD      : WHY ?
THEM : Christanity is easy ... can sex..for women,no need to cover aurah...and many     more...
BD      : THAT'S STUPID ! (he's not saying the religion is stupid.. NO ! what he meant is the thinking of the group that takes it quite lightly)..Christanity don't allow you to can't do sex(bfore marriage=zina)..and you can't wear sexy clothes...
THEM : But why did we see christians drink,smoke and etc .. ?
BD      : Because they're bad christians...which will end up in hell according to christanity ... the same goes to Islam being a muslim ... why do you have to choose the other way, if you'll end up in the same destination which is hell ?? If you becomes a bad christian, you'll end up in hell...If you becomes a bad muslim, you'll end up in hell as well .... SAME RIGHT ?

So, that group think and so, till now, ALHAMDULILLAH, they're still in ISLAM ... while BD and his friends@member@whatever are trying hard to make them to become a good muslim ...

2nd CASE

There's a case of a 15-year old girl pregnant..and a 17-year old boy is the father for the baby ...
The boy's family wanted the girl to abort the baby..but then, BD said "you've committed a very big sin which is ZINA. and now you want to commit another big sin which is killing ??? It's better if you keep the baby...repent your sin by being a good father and mother and takes VERY GOOD CARE of the baby" so, the girl didn't abort the baby...and they were asked to get married...during the NIKAH ceremony, the boy needs to recite the 'KHUTBAH NIKAH' that lines up the responsibilities of a husband and a father ... and that boy cried during reciting it..since he knew himself that it's pretty much impossible for him to do all of it...17-year old !! working ??!! everyone during the ceremony were crying ..(sad that their daughter..son..have to get married at a very young age..not knowing the hardships of life yet..) ...


there's a lot of things that he share with us.., he's a very good lecturer...he knows how to attract students..he uses different approach than other Ustaz or ustazah ....insyaALLAH, I will share more  things that I'll get in the future~ sharing is caring and caring is loving..and I love everyone that want to become someone good and better...


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Freshgirl in UNI life 2

Assalamu'alaikum ~~

All praises to ALLAH ( Alhamdulillah ), I've safely arrived at IIUM Gombak Campus yesterday.  Quite a tiring day - all those packing and unpacking stuff seriously making someone drench in sweat BUT our campus is down the hill which means, we're sweating but the temp is COOL !!


Seriously, never thought the campus that I went 2 years ago as an observer for an english debate competition will be my campus ! (Mahallah yg sme plak tuu)..

First time msuk blik die, sgt la terkejut sbb dapat yg satu compartment 2 org..sgt cramp ~ bayangkan, compartment utk 1 org ngan compartment utk 2 org saiz die sme je ~ tapi bile mengenangkan sahabat2 yang tgh struggle hidup kt kampus PJ tu, rse sgt bersyukur sgt2 !! 

Kalau kt PJ , panasnye huiihh !! toksah dok cite la. Kehangatannye membara ~ tapi kt situ, nk gi kelas xjalan jauh sgt ... 
Kalau kt Gombak nie, makngaih !! sejuuk gler ~ malam2 memang sejuk~ bangun2 suara seksi-seksa sgt ! tapi nk pi kelas, jalan mmg jauh ~ imagine, 1km in the morning, 1km in the evening ... 

perhh !! it's really an exercise until to the extend, my friend's mum said to her > " Kalau kamu xkurus lagi, mak xtau la ~ " dah tu ade female sport complex plak tuu ... 


swimming pool die bkak weekdays je .. 5pm ke atas... kami kami dak foundation ni kls dah la pack..smpi ke petang ..dah tu nk balik ke mahallah dah jauh... kang msuk2 swimming pool, kaki cramp terkejut ... jalan byk2 pstu pi terjun air ... weekend xbukak .. memang la sisters dok dlm bilik mengembangkan badan je kejenye..dah xde bnde boleh buat ... xpe2 ... weekend ikat perut ~ haha...

But, I really hope the bi'ah in here will be nearly the same with the one at my old school ...
Ak ni pon bukannye baik sgt ... byk lagi bende yg kne blajar ~ untung dpt sme compartment ngan sorang dak dq ~
Tapi walau ape pon, kne blajar utk mlakukan byk sacrifices kt sni... 1 sacrifice is living in a small room ... memang xselesa, tapi lebih selesa daripada mereka2 yg kat pj .. zaman Rasulullah dulu pon tentu-tentunya facilities xbyk ... so, ble dh ade facilities kt keliling ni, kne la pndai menghargai ~ dan cara nk menghargai is dengan menggunakannya dengan sebaik-baiknye, sehabis mungkin la.. (org dah bgi, gune je ~)

Eventhough sni dipanggil islamic university, ade je yg msuk yg sblum ni xde basic arab...ade je yg msuk sni sbnarnye free hair...ade je yg msuk snie xde basic agama sgt..ade je yg msuk sni mengaji masih merangkak...
TAPI itu bermakna,
 ALLAH ingin memberi mereka-mereka, kami-kami, satu environment yang sgt boleh dijadikan turning point..bak kate ade sorang brother senior ni, --> msuk sni, tutup bku lame..
kalo dlu kte jahat, tutup cte tuu..tokse diungkit mlainkan utk pengajaran org lain..
kalau dlu kte baik...pegang jawatan blambak, budak BADAR (Badan dakwah dan kerohanian), tutup bku tuu dan jadikan itu pengalaman utk jdi yg lebih baik kt snie..

Tipu lah kalau xrse yg tanggungjwb sgt besar kt sni..
perasaan utk menyampaikan ape yg dh blajar dlu membuak-buak tapi ..........
kekuatan utk itu masih perlu dikumpulkan dulu ....
bukan senang bab2 mcm ni...
lagipon, ilmu yg nk disampaikan kne btul sahih, 
kalo salah ajaran tpi still iman ok, boleh lagi..
kalo salah ajaran smpi iman jdi goyah, ituu payah..

Saturday, 2 June 2012


woah!!~ today is like the last day i'm going to be non-employed..non-student !! (dah lbih kul 12 kre hari ahd dah la~)

ISNIN 4 JUN i'll be officially UIA's student...

seriously, xtau nk buat ape skang ni..
sblum nie minx maaacam2 scholarship~~
and the only thing I was called for interview is MARA...though it's just a study loan...
I choose australia for my 1st choice aaand UK for my 2nd choice...
yg sedihnye, me and my friends choose the same aand NO ONE got it !
only 1 person got it but he made it UK for his 1st choice (i think so..since this is the course MARA agrees to support him) and my friends were informed that people who chose that course (UK) mostly managed to get it......but as for our 1st choice??? hmm...i don't know about other school's student ..but my school...non of us got it...

It'll be one big fat lie if I said I'm not sad..not frustrated..not feeling down....  I did ... 
How long do I want to stay unmotivated ? Forever ? Just for a study LOAN ?? hmmph.. NOT WORTH IT~

So I came up with LOTS and LOTS and VERY LOTS of good reasons of what that had happen so far..
 1 .  ALLAH know the best ... 
 2.  Maybe, my inner self ain't that strong enough to let me face the western culture ...
 3.  Maybe, my IMAN is not strong to let me go through years in a non-muslim country ...
 4.  Maybe, I won't score a very colourful flying marks .. and thus makes me HAVE TO payback quite a great sum of money ... and who knows ... My family's financial condition might not gonna be like now in the future ... so how am I suppose to pay it back ?? In debt forever ? no... Poor my future family ( 
 4. Maybe, I'll fall for western guy that is very mucho mucho handsome~ (haha..this is really one stupid thinking..)
5.  IIUM isn't that bad ~ it's an INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY~ 
                                           # International ?           - check-
                                           # Islamic surrounding ? - check-
                                           # Payable ?                  - check-

 6.  Hmm..all the goodness is inside it... ( cam iklan minuman je.. )
 7.  I can strengthen my belief in ISLAM.. in RASULULLAH ... in ALLAH through the USRAH program...and so many more~

SO NOW !! To all my dear friends that might did not get their hands on what they want , remember this,
what we want can't always be the best for us... what we don't want won't always be bad for us ~





(ala, macam main game gak...spatotnye kene bunuh zombi2..tapi kalo dok lari memanjang..time skit..zombi sume masih mengejar2...kite gak yg kalah akhirnye kan ?? )


THE BEST WAY - ACCEPT IT, AND THINK OF A WAY TO MAKE WHAT HAPPEN A WIN FOR US .. ( jdikan ape yg jadi sbagai penggerak utk lebih berusaha..)

# oukay~ it seems my philosopher mode is turn on ! haha
 hope this can put anyone out there that have a problem to turn on their energy (you'll need very much energy to fight you know ?~)

UIA ~~ HERE I COME ~~ ( hoping sgt bi'ah die sme cm skola lme..klo lagi bgus ..lagi mantap!!~)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

happy love

Assalamu'alaikum ~

Hey there folks !! Wat'cha doin'? ok, cut out the lame introduction, let's get straight to the bullet point ~

Lately, (ok, bukan lately, sejak abis sekolah sbnarnye..)
rata-rata sume dok ckp psl kahwin...
Frankly speaking, I thought only dak2 skola agama je giat berbicara dalam soal ni..tapi rupenye dak2 skola lain jugak...termasuklah tuan punye blog ni..keh!

# ade yg ckp psl nk khwin ngan bf/gf masing2..
# ade yg ckp psl nk khwin ngan org yg langsung xkenal..@ pilihan keluarga @ gune org tengah @ cm cite   Fatimah Syarha ngan Dr Muslih ..

Mcm2 lah pokoknye ...

Actually, the idea of writing this entry was triggered by a friend of mine ...
She asked something at our batch group in fb .. Something about love before marriage and love after marriage...

salam,, cuma nak tya,, boleh x hangpa tolong kongsi kongsi kisah cinta parents/kakak/sape2 yang hangpa tahu...seriously dalam hati aku rasa haram cinta sblom kawen tu....statement dia macam kurang tepat,, ya lah kan, zaman skarang susah nak jumpa yang langsung x bercinta sblom kawen,, aku sebenarnya confused la tambah2 xde pengalaman langsung bab2 bercinta nih,, aku takut aku terpesong bila dah jumpa orang y berjaya tawan hati aku,,weh tolong jangan su'uz zon kat aku sebab aku x tau nak tya kat sapa...dah tya kluarga sniri MALU LA sebab takot diorang ingat aku dah kemaruk sangat nak kahwin....ya semestinya kita kena kejar ilmu, tu yang paling penting,, tapi benda ni insyaAllah kita akan hadapai gak,, tu yang aku tya,, ulang soalan... bleh x crite pengalaman sape2 sblom kawen yang korang rasa diredhai Allah? bagaimana kenal,, cane nak guna orang tengah,, macamane nak jaga di alam siber,, alam nyata,, perlu ke bagitau semua orang kita nak kawin ngan dia (jangan gelak soalan aku),, btol ke x leh diam2 sorok2 bercinta dulu sblom kawen?? tolong2,,(panjang plak....^^) tolong2 jawab soklan aku... :')

Kite pon tau psl baik buruknye bercinta sebelum dan selepas bernikah...
Die minx kami kongsi story2 org yg bercinta selepas nikah..pokoknye, sebelum nikah tu xpnah jumpe pon ade...xpon, prnah jumpe tapi langsung xcontact..ade yg dapat petunjuk setelah istikharah..macam2 la pokoknye..Seriously, memang ade yang xprcaye sgt bende cm nie..katenye, knelah brcinte dlu sblum nikah..bru boleh kenal hati budi...TAPI KAWANKU, bukan ke kalo tgh brcinte tu, yg baik aje diserlahkan...yg buruk disimpan dalam2...then lepas kahwin, lepas setahun, bru nmpk belang...lepastu...cerai......payah jugak kan ??


nak bukti bercinta selepas nikah itu ade and bahagia ?? nah, bace kat bawah ni..
100% dijamin KISAH BENAR !! untuk memastikan kisah2 ni betul, ak copy paste trus ayat2 sahabat2 aku (tp deme minx disembunyikan nama or dignti ngan ak or awak dsb) ni mmg 100% pure .. xde perisa tambahan ...

mak ayah aku kawin atas pilihan atuk nenek,, n mmg ayah aku xnak cari sniri..haha ♥

ayah ngan mak saya blaja di politknik yg sama..ibu ana kerek..tu yg ayh suka..ayh ckp ibu xgedik..pastu ibu smbg dgree kat u..ayah tros keja..masa ibu keja, rombngan ayh dtg..slamat..bhgia..diorg ta penah contct ..horhor....

Hurmm.... hurm.... sebelum kawin, ayah pernah nampak mak 2 kali je pastu terus masuk minang. Beli baju kawin pun sendiri2, nasib baik sama colour. Pastu cinta mereka pun berputik. Cewahh. Haha. 
Mak pernah cakap,nak berkawan ngan laki, berkawanlah, asal jangan jiwang2. Jodoh tu dtg sendiri. Tak perlu nak melayan perasaan sgt. Kalau rasa dah sesuai, terus la nikah. So ramai org berkawin sebab mereka dah berkawan pada asalnya. Sebab tu ada kes kisas kawin ngan kisas. Haha

mak ayah kte x prnah knal atau jmpe satu sama laen~ possibility nk trserempak 2 mmg x delah...ngeri dyorg kat US 2 pon laen2 n jauh tgh yg kenen2kan mak ayah kte...

ok... i really wanna tell story about my parents.. my ibu and ayah both study kat UK. my ayah senior setahun. adelah join jemaah kat sana an. pastu, tetibe ayah rasa mcm nak kawen. suruhlah senior dia carikan siapa2 yg sesuai. and ibu, agreed to get married with ayah. lps 2,, diorg pun kawenlah pada 1 JANUARI 1991 and got their first child on 27th SEPMTEMBER 1991... and,, bile tgk gmbr ibu n ayah time kat UK sgtlah jeles. it was time when they are damn in love in a halal relationship.. so sweet!! n masa ayah kawen dgn ibu. ibu je yg dah grad. ayah belum gard lagi.. sekiannnn~~ citee saya korang dah tahu dah.. yg tu contoh cinta yang haramlah kiranya.. hiwhiw. whatever it is,,DO REPENT!

Ayah saya nan mak saya tak kenal pon tapi maktab sama . Ayah saya ni jenis memilih kalau nak berkawan dengan perempuan . tapi Ayah terpikat dengan mak pon masa ayah start solat istkharah . Ayah jumpe mak teruss jumpe ibu bapa mak tentang hajat ayah nak peristerikan mak bile ayah daa abes belaja . dan kerja as guru selama 1 tahun terus nikah . Alhamdulillah , sekarang ayah dan mak saya pon tengok cam pengantin baru jee . sweet sangat :D

ok.. ade lagi satu cerita yg lagi sweet habes.. cerita ni org tu cerita sendiri la kat aku. orang ni mmg org baik agamanya and family background pun mmg baiklah.. dia tak pernah kenal suami dia. tapi, dia selalu solat istikharah. satu malam 2, dia dpt petunjuk tntg nama suami dia. and drpd mimpi 2, dia tahulah nama suami dia 2 "i****". satu hari 2, dia ke kedai. tetibe dia nmpk sorg laki 2..dia rasa mcm pernah tgk. pastu, laki 2 pergi byr kat kaunter n org kaunter 2 sebut nama lelaki 2 "i****".. mula2 dia tak perasan n rasa pape pun.. bile dia smpi rumah, ada org kol.. org 2 tanya "tadi ada tak siapa2 kat rumah ni yg pergi kedai?". tyme 2 adek wanita ni yg jwb. adek dia ckp "ade. akak saya". tak lama lps 2, i**** 2 masuk meminang. n dia terima pinangan i**** 2. i**** ni adalah lelaki keTUJUH yg pinang dia. rupa-rupanya, i**** pun solat istikharah dan dpt mimpi mcm dia... sweett sgtt.. tak pernah kenal. tak pernah jumpa. dan sekarang, sangat bahagia!!. jeles tgk dia. dan, dia mmg org kuat ibadah. :)))) rindunya kat diaaa!!


ok..tamat bab story yg selain story mory tp nak letak gak..hehe :)

--> Ak xde cte yg boleh kongsi ngan ko..sbb ak sniri xtau cmne ayh ngan mak ak khwin..ak cme tau ayh ak duda time khwin ngan mak mak tiri ak tu ak xtau pe cer...ak pon tgh brusaha menjaga diri ak n batas ak dlm brgaul..pokoknye, bagi ak, ak nk jdi wanita yg taat pd allah suami n nk didik anak ak cm fatimah syarha..huhu...# lari topik plak..hehe..

--> Awak kene faham apa erti cinta yg awak kata haram tu. Ak pon sokong cinta jadi Haram kalo bersamanya ada maksiat yg nyata mahupun trswmbunyi. N ak sokong cinta itu halal andainya berpandukqn iman bukan nafsu dan dalam lingkungan syarak.cinta halal tu..kita akan rasa bila kita rasa dqh bersedia utk pikul amanah n tggjwb yg besar utk brkeluarga. Imam hassan albanna kata.. Cinta yg halal itu halal..n yg haram itu haram. Mmg mungkin kita semua ada kisah silam..hor hor. Tp tak trlambat utk kita ukirkn kmbali kehidupan kita dlm mncari cnta ak,cinta halal ialah cinta kepada manusia yg disandarkn utk mncari cinta Allah yg sebenar ;) *trpanjang plak.hor horr

--> boleh baca post hilal asyraf dekat web dia : motivasi sblm aku bernikah . banyak . bg aku , boleh jd panduan org2 muda mcm mana nk meletakkan cinta dgn betul .

--> aku baca buku sinergi tu ( wlpn da lama buku tu . haha ) dia kata . jgn jadikan redha Allah sbg wasilah dan cinta manusia sbg matlamat . tp jadikan cinta manusia itu sbg wasilah dan redha Allah sbg matlamat . aku smpai skrg xleh hadam lagi . spe yg faham boleh tolong terangkan ?? err

--> mksod hilal asyraf tuh, lebey kurang mcm akk ckp tadi. cinta manusia hanya dijadikan sandaran utk mencari cinta Allah. contoh nak senang, kita nak beli nikon d3100, kene ada duit, baru bole dapat nikon tu. duit tu umpama lelaki/suami/cinta lah. horhor..erm.faham tak?

--> kita takda apa apa cerita. haha. btw, bagi menjawab persoalan awak pasal bercinta sebelum kahwin tu, aku stuju dengan konsep hilal asyraf bercinta sebelum kahwin ni macam kita mempersiapkan diri kita untuk pikul satu komitmen, masa tu la kita belajar masak, belajar kemas rumah, belajar itu ini, macam macam lagi la sebelum bina baitul muslim. kita jugak akan kukuhkan fardul muslim kita. dari segi ikhtilat, banyak cerita dah yang aku dengar, antaranya dari senior kisas dulu dulu, ukhti tu cakap, masa kat mesir, ada lelaki masuk minang. lepas dah istikharah and terima khitbah itu, baru tau kisas. padahal masa masuk minang tu, tak tau pun laki tu siapa. bagi aku ini sangat sweet. :) and yes, kalau nak jatuh hati tu, takde sape boleh halang. itu fitrah dan islam meraikan fitrah. and you know what? apa yang boleh kawal fitrah kita dengan sangat baik agar tak terjebak ke dalam cinta penuh maksiat? semestinya iman kita. iman jadi benteng. so, dah masuk mana mana nanti, silalah istiqamah. sama sama doa agar kita jatuh hati pada lelaki yang betul. insyaAllah. :)

--> selalunya nak kenal hati budi sebelum nikah ni manusia yang rak serious. kalau dah nikah, kita akan terima baik buruknya automatikaly. kalau kenal sebelum nikah, tu yang banyak kes cerai tu. sebab sebelum ngan lepas nikah dah tak sama perangai. tapi kalau kenal lepas nikah, insyaAllah, cinta itu akan kekal kerana Allah redha. :D

--> beli novel cinta high fatimah syarha dn farhan sweet :)) itulah pengalaman yg betul2 :))

ok, ni bku yg cinta high class tuu >>> 

ni blog hilal asyraf >>

ak ngaku ak bukanlah baik sangat...bukanlah sama cam Fatimah Syarha ..I do believe in love after marriage ... tpi yo lah, susah skit ... tp ak dah jnji ngan diri sniri utk jage hati n jage diri ... especially ble ak ade sebab utk itu...klo boleh, ak xnk ade pon number laki lain dlm fon..tpi tuu cm mustahil mengenangkan kt u nanti, kne gak berurusan ngan, ape yg boleh ak harapkan is ak xmelencong dari bende yg harus dibincangkan... GIRLS, JANGAN TUNJUK SANGAT SIFAT CARE KORANG EVEN KORANG PRIHATIN CMNE SKALIPUN...
well, sometimes memang ade bende baik terjadi after that tpi ... er... kome paham2 sniri lah ape mksud aku ni...and2, jgn tunjuk kemanjaan anda depan laki2 ... kang dah kahwin, die xheran dah ngan manja korang sbb dh slalu tgk ... better keep it and make it a surprise ... ^_^

after bace entry ni, terpulanglah pada korang utk buat cmne ... bak kate omputih, up to u .. don't blame others for your regret~
sumpah segan gler nk buat entry pon dh berkali2 pker nk buat entry ttg bende ni  tp bru mlm ni dpt semangat..TERIMA KASIH SAHABAT2KU~~ <3 <3 <3

Barat kate, 'if you miss someone, look at the moon..and the face of your lover will appear there' 
tapi ak kate, 'Tatkala merindui seseorang, lihatlah bulan dan berdoalah kepada ALLAH agar perasaan itu tidak melebihi perasaan rindu utk bersujud padanya..tidak melebihi perasaan ingin ketemu Rasulullah dan tidak melebihin perasaan rindu pada keluarga sendiri - which is of course halal untuk dirindui .. <3 
nak rindu tunang boleh tp jgn over2..kang dah khwin xrindu sgt dah..biarlah time kahwin tu, brpisah skit pon dah rindu..pokoknye rindulah puas2..dah halal kan~haha'